About Me and This Blog

Usually if there is an about me section my answer is simple, "I'm Awesome" but I thought maybe I should expand a little on that for the benefit of newcomers (or maybe in hopes that there will be some?) to my blog.

I'm a 26 27 year old living in the awesome city of Oakland, CA (don't let the bad reputation fool you, I <3 this city) Lexington, KY (a new city to explore, yay!).  During the day I'm a instrumentation and controls engineer (yeah, I know, pretty boring).  Outside of that, I love eating but I'm not a very good cook, I love the idea of being organized but I am far from it, I want to be crafty but have a hard time finishing things, and I want to grow my own food but have nowhere for a garden (Update: Now I do!). I also have a dog that I spoil and love watching sports (especially Michigan football!).

I started this blog as part of a new years resolution in 2011 to write more and to be more creative.  My boyfriend domestic partner had recently started a blog and was enjoying it and having success with it, so of course, I wanted to try!  I will be sharing all kinds of tidbits from my everyday life (some boring, but hopefully some interesting).  I always want to have more pictures to accompany my posts, but usually realize that after whatever I'm writing about has already happened, oops!  My writing isn't great but hopefully that will improve over time.

This is Angel, I wish I was that cute!