Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Year of Reading

One of the downsides of taking a temporary assignment was that I couldn't bring all my stuff with me.  This meant leaving behind a bunch of books.  I have a book problem, I will go to a used book store (or free book exchange!), or even an awesome local book shop and walk out with an arm full of books.  I also get books passed onto me by my mom and other literary obsessed friends.  I can't read books as fast as I acquire them, which meant I had a great collection of "to-read" books back in California.  This comprised most of my book collection since I rarely hold onto book after I read them (unless they are a favorite or signed or something). I like to pass them on to someone who will like them, sell them back to a used book store to get credit to buy more books (!), or just donate them to a free books exchange/local thrift store.

Of all those books I only brought about 15-20 with me, thinking I would still be acquiring books at a fast rate and if I take a trip home I can always get some of those books I left there.  I also got a library card at the Lexington public library (which is a very nice library).  I'll keep a to-read list here with all the books I currently have and add to it the more books I acquire, along with links to the books I review.  Hopefully that will also remind me which books I've read and should review.  I think I'll make a goal of reading 50 books this year, about 4.17 books per month, and yes that will include audio books (since I drive 30 minutes to work everyday and sometimes have mindless tasks at work).

Yay, reading!

I also got a fantastic little journal as a late xmas present from my wonderful mama!  Its a cute little readers journal where I can keep track of all the books I read and I love it!

Isn't my mom great?


  1. I think 50 books is a great goal. I've challenged myself to read a new book each week. Pleas check out my blog where I post my reviews and chart my progress towards this goal.
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  3. Such a cute journal! I love it! I have a special shelf on goodreads for book I have but haven't read!!! I have to many books that I am constantly trying to get through!!!! New Follower (found you off of book blogs)
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  4. Hi..beautiful journal..your mom is great!

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