Monday, January 7, 2013

Football Monday: End of the Season

So tonight is the National Championship game between Notre Dame and Alabama, two teams that sadly beat my Michigan Wolverines.  It is very hard to pick one of these teams to root for since I really don’t like either one.  So I’ve reasoned out who I should root for and why.
I will be rooting for Alabama to win.  And not just win, but absolutely dismantle the irish.  I think I have a good outlook on this game since my team played both of these teams.  First, the scores of both games: Michigan vs Alabama 14-41, Michigan vs ND 6-13.  One of those games was obviously much closer than the other.   Also, when we played Alabama things got out of hand quickly and we were obviously outmatched early on, this was not true for any part of the notre dame game.  To make matters swing even more in Alabama’s favor they had 2 interceptions on us and racked up 41 points, but notre dame had 5 interceptions and one recovered fumble on us and were only able to score 13 points.  Everything from those two games seems to point to Alabama winning easily.
I will also be rooting against notre dame because I don’t feel like they deserve to be there, join a conference already!  I hope by them getting destroyed everyone else will realize they don’t deserve a free pass anymore.  When all this conference re-alignment settles and there is a new playoff plan in place there should be no special case written in for notre dame, they need to play just as tough and unpredictable of a schedule as any other major conference.  Also, I’m sick of Lou Hotlz and hate how every season notre dame is “returing to glory”, well you aren’t and won’t ever be!
“To Hell with Notre Dame” – Bo Schembechler
It is sad that the season will be ending with the game tonight since college football season is one of my favorites.  But with a disappointing ending to Michigan's season I'm looking forward to a much MUCH better 2013, there are many things I'm excited about with the team next year and can't wait for September, GO BLUE!

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