Saturday, February 14, 2015

Audiobook Review - Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

Why did I read this book?
I’ve read a couple of Ken Follett’s books, and I usually enjoy them. This was an audiobook I got from a co-worker. Whenever Rob and I take a long drive we usually have a couple audiobooks, ones to listen to together and ones to listen to while the other person is sleeping, this was going to be my latter. I didn’t know much else about the book except Rob had no interest in it and that it took place in Europe.

What is it about?
This book follows a couple different stories about individuals that eventually interact at different times. You start to learn about all the individuals just before WW1 breaks out. Some of the stories you follow are of miners and some are of princesses so you get different points of view of the war and how it affected all of them.

Why you should read it!
I really like Follett’s historical fiction, however this one got a bit to historical and military for me. I was very interested in all the individuals stories but them a lot of the book turned to how the different armies were moving and what they were trying to take over and certain battles that happened. This was all very boring to me, and I probably tuned out a lot of it. The book also didn’t quite resolve but I think there are some follow up books. I might try and read those, but if it will be more military information I might just pass.

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