Friday, January 28, 2011

Desk Plants

My desk/cubicle area (and most of the office where I work) is very gray, beige, and boring.  I wanted something nice and green and living to spruce up the space.  So I bought a small bamboo plant at some sketchy Chinatown grocery store.  It is doing great, probably because it is hard to kill bamboo and all I have to do is make sure it always has water. 

It looked like it was time to add to my plant collection and the perfect opportunity to do that was when one of our summer interns returned to school and I offered to take care of her lovely orchid.  I was told all the correct ways to care for it and did what I was told and now this is what I’m left with

When is it time to give up?

So sad, but I haven’t given up on him (her?) yet!  There is still a tiny bit of green in there and I will keep caring for it until there is really nothing left.  I also plan on buying a new orchid at the market today.  I think a living one will help encourage this dying one, and I want to try caring for one from the start. 

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