Thursday, January 27, 2011


I finally made a blog, yay!  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to write more and use more of my creative side, so I will be using this to help with that.  I’m not a very good writer and my spelling and grammar is horrible, but that can only get better, right?

You may be wondering why it took me so long since New Year’s to actually set up a blog, there are two reasons.  Number one, my boyfriend started a blog and everyone loved it and I knew mine would never compare to his interesting and changing life (not to mention he is a much better writer than me).  Number two, see below:

Yeah, I took that with my new fancy phone

I must’ve stared at this page for the longest time (we're talking days).  I really tried to come up with something creative, but just wasn’t satisfied with any of it.  I asked for help from my boyfriend and facebook friends but that didn’t get me anywhere either.  So I looked around the internet and found this fun little site which helped me find the name explanniefyfed.  I know its ridiculous, but that’s why I like it!

I live a very average life. I go to work everyday for 9ish hours, sit in a cubicle and do what others tell me to do, not much room to be creative there.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do and where I work, but at times I do feel like a corporate drone.  If anything exciting happens (don’t hold your breath), I’ll probably talk about it here.

I enjoy reading, eating, the place I live, and being active. These are some of the things I plan on discussing here.  I also plan on adventuring into things I’m not so good at or familiar with such as cooking (another thing that my boyfriend is better at than me), making my apartment more comfortable, better looking and more functional, finding my green thumb, being more crafty, and to get better in touch with my personal style in general.  That sounds ambitious, I guess we’ll see how it goes...

I will also probably discuss some sports, since I’m a pretty passionate fan when it comes to all things University of Michigan, USMNT (soccer), and anything relating to the Olympics.  I also dabble in tennis, other soccer leagues, college football in general, and most things local.

Not sure if anyone will be interested in reading this but at least I’ll be writing more. Please try to ignore all the poor grammar and spelling errors (you know who you are!), I’ll try to improve them over time.  Enjoy!

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