Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grand Tavern

We ate at the Grand Tavern a few weeks ago, and I'm just getting around to reviewing it, oops!  I had read about this place in a recent Oakland Tribune article and it sounded like a fun place to try.  The restaurant itself is a little strange because it really seems like you are in someone's house (that happens to have a bar in one corner).  You walk in and it's a long hallway with no hostess stand or anything to let you know that you are in the right place.  But once you are inside it is very cozy, some of the tables have big comfy chairs by the fire, some are side benches or window seats, and some are regular looking dinning room tables.  Since we had a group of 6 we sat at one of these bigger tables.  The service we had wasn't great, but I think our waiter might have just been having an off night and it seemed like everyone else's waiters were more attentive. 

On to the important stuff, the food and drinks!  The drink list was expansive and every drink we ordered was great.  I had a gin drink with sparkling wine and a bunch of other stuff that was very refreshing, and everyone else at our table really enjoyed their drinks.  The food was also great, but since this is more of a bar or gastropub a lot of it was small plates so there was lots of sharing.  The bf somehow found the only thing on the menu that wasn't a small plate, a burger with everything and anything on it.

Apparently it was good, and all of our other small plates were delicious.  I shared some of the ravioli and the crab and artichoke brushetta, bother very tasty and the ravioli was actually a good size serving.  Even though this place it probably more about getting together in a fun setting for some drinks and a snack, it was also a fine choice for dinner.  As we were leaving I noticed a patio out front which would be an awesome hangout place when the weather is warmer, I guess I'll have to go back!

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