Saturday, October 22, 2011

Football Friday: Bye Week

Well last weekend was a bust.  From the ugly uniforms, to the poor playing (on Michigan's part), and the dirty playing (on msu's part) it all just sucked.  And now it's behind us, onto the future!  We (Michigan) can still make it to the big ten championship game if we win out (be positive!) and MSU loses to Wisconsin (which will happen, have you seen how good Wisconsin is?) and any other big ten team (also very likely because sparty will be sparty).  Although the big ten championship game might be a lopsided one since Wisconsin seriously looks good (they really should be getting more love in the polls).

There was a collective WTF when these uniforms showed up on the field

This week, we have a bye, which seems kinda like a let down, I get sad when i can't watch my team play :(  But its probably a good week for a bye, let some players get healthy and let the staff figure out all the things that went wrong against msu (starting with the uniforms, please, Dave Brandon, never again).  We will be ready to take on Purdue next weekend, I have a good feeling about it!  No worries though, there should be plenty of games to keep me interested this Saturday.

The most exciting games will be on in the evening.  That's when (the previously mentioned) Wisconsin vs MSU game is on, and I'm really hoping for Wisconsin to put MSU back in their place.  An interesting west coast match up is Stanford vs Washington.  Stanford hasn't play anyone worth anything, and they do look good, but this will be the first time they play a team that is worth anything.  Even though Washington isn't great (they lost pretty bad to Nebraska) they should give us a chance to see if Stanford is worthy of  being in the discussion for first place.  A good game of unranked teams is the notre dame vs usc game.  I have a hard time with this one because I hate both teams.  A notre dame win would help us, but if they win the rest of their games (since they have a cupcake schedule, except Stanford) they would be BCS eligible which is ridiculous, the aren't good enough for the BCS and really don't deserve it (again, always overrated).  The Auburn, LSU match up earlier in the day should be good, but I don't really see LSU stumbling in this game so it will just be LSU winning, again.  That's it for the week, enjoy all the football!

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