Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I should've done this on Sunday, but completed half yesterday and finished it today so here ya go!
Mt Rainier from the top of White Pass Ski Area

Reading - Coursera's coursework for the class that started today titled "How to Change the World", this is the second course I'm currently enrolled in, the first is a music theory/writing course, which I'm enjoying!
Writing - This post, which is different from my past 3 book reviews.
Listening - The Australian Open tennis tournament on TV, this and then the superbowl are the last two big sporting events that stand between the winter olympics and I. can't. wait.
Thinking - I really really don't want to go to work
Smelling - The delicious dinner I made from this recipe, so good!
Wishing - For some big winter storms to head our way, there's not much winter here on the west coast and it makes me sad.
Hoping - I won't be too sore after the pilates class I took today
Wearing - The same lounge outfit I've been wearing all weekend.
Loving - That it is ski season and that I made it onto the slopes for one day this weekend, it was beautiful (see pic above)
Wanting - to start a book club, but I only know one other person to start things off, baby steps?
Needing - a new pair of earrings
Feeling - sad, because the four day weekend is over and its back to reality

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