Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Book Review - Last Hope by Drew Brown (Kindle)

Why did I read this book?
I got this for free on kindle when there was some promotion for it.  I think I read a quick synopsis and thought it sounded good enough and if it’s free on kindle I don’t feel bad if I hate it!  

What is it about?
Budd is on business in London and wakes up one night to realize something isn’t right.  He soon finds out that almost everyone in the hotel (and city) are dead and the few still alive get together to figure out what to do next.  In the creepiest way ever, the dead bodies start to return to life and the living soon realize they aren’t human anymore!

Why you should read it!
I’ll be honest; I didn’t realize this was a zombie book when I started it.  Maybe that was why some of the shock factor hit me so hard and totally creeped me out (in a well written way).  As soon as those bodies started moved I couldn’t stop picturing them, and when the zombies that moved quickly started showing up, the way they were portrayed was also quite terrifying.  I very much enjoyed this book, as believable as zombie books go, this is up there.  I felt like I could’ve been with the group at the hotel trying to figure out what to do.  It also turned out to be quite a page turner.  My only disappointment was that it was book 1 of a trilogy and I didn’t realize that when I started.  What started as a free “maybe I’ll read this” kindle book has turned into a “I must buy the next one now” kind of book.

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