Monday, August 8, 2011

Best dinner in a while...

I just had a really wonderful dinner, thanks to the bf...err...partner (more info on that here).  I always give him a hard time for being the "cook" in the family but never really cooking full and good dinners for me us.  Usually we come home form work and I end up throwing something together because we are both tired and hungry.  Tonight my partner cooked a delicious meal.  Using Julia (said with a Julia Child type of voice) as a guide he cooked white ruffy (I think) in some french creamy buttery winey lemony sauce.  I know he did some fancy stuff, but I wasn't in the kitchen so I really have no clue how it was prepared.  What I do know, it that I was presented with a plate of fish with a delicious sauce, a side of green beans, and some crusty bread.
Ok, it doesn't look like much, but it was REALLY good
I am the biggest critic when its comes to his cooking so this good review is a big deal (or at least I think so).  I also liked his setup in the kitchen, cook book on the dish drainer (yay small kitchens).
yes, I added the flowers
I also have a bunch of leftover sauce that I'm planning to put on some veggies, I just don't know which ones yet, maybe asparagus? other ideas?

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  1. The fish was poached in a white wine sauce with minced onions and butter. I then reduced the fish poaching sauce, blended it with a roux, and added cream/eggs for a parisienne sauce (which I shredded romano cheese over before broiling). There are also shaved carrots in the sauce, because I had a carrot hanging around. [The green beans were fried in olive oil with garlic, pepper, and pine nuts.]