Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Audio Book Review - Spell Bound by Kelley Armstrong

How did I come into possession of this book?
I had listened to the previous book, Waking the Witch, without realizing that that book was part of a much longer series of books.  I really enjoyed it and was always on the lookout for another of her books on audio at the library.  I eventually found and listened to Living With the Dead and realized that some of the characters were the same from the other book and that a little previous knowledge might’ve helped to pick up on who and what some of these characters were.  I’ve since looked into this series of her books and realized you don’t really need to read all of them in order, but it might help with some things. After looking into these books I did find out that Spellbound came after Waking the Witch, and since I knew the ending of that book and most of the characters I decided to borrow the audio version of Spellbound from the library.

What is it about?
The story starts with a young witch who seems to have just lost all her powers in order to save a young girl from becoming an orphan.  Actually that’s the way the previous book ended but that is where the story picks up.  Suddenly she realizes she is being targeted what she thinks to be a witch hunter or possibly another supernatural.  Many supernatural characters come to light as they all try to get together to figure out what is going on in their world.
What did I think?
I really liked Waking the Witch, but this one left me uninspired.  Part of it might be because I don’t know all the characters from the previous books and therefore don’t care about them very much.  I also tend to like fantasy books that also involve reality.  Waking the Witch dealt with a lot of non-supernaturals but this book only dealt with those in the “Otherworld” and it got a little too out there for me.  I also felt like plot lines went in circles and not much was resolved or even happened.  I guess this will be resolved in her next book, but none of the plot lines were compelling enough to make me want to read any more about these characters.  I’m sad this book left me disappointed because I do think Armstrong is a good author but she just didn’t hit the mark with this one.

Who would I recommend it to?
I think I could only recommend this book to hardcore Kelley Armstrong fans that have read many of her ‘Otherworld’ books and feel very connected to many of the characters.  The only other way I would recommend this is if the next book in the series turns out to be great and the information in this book is necessary to things that happen in that book.  But I won’t be able to make my judgment on that, yet (I guess I just set myself up to read it)!

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