Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Grand Lexington Dog Park Tour, Stop 1

A new city with a dog means we get to explore all the fun canine places as well as the fun human places.  The bay area had many dog parks some were amazing (Point Isabel, Fort Funston) and some were a fenced in area next to or under an over pass and not so amazing (Linda park, Hardy park).  Lexington has 4 dog parks (that I know of, please tell me if there are others I'm leaving out!) I'm going to give you an overview of each one over the next few weeks.
Sign at the entrance

The first stop is Masterson Station Dog Park.  This is the largest park at 15 acres.  It is split into 2 different fenced off areas.  One side (the on to the left) seems to have more trees and most of the bigger dogs were playing in there so that's the side we went to.

Angel says "The grass tastes good here!"
There are lots of trees and the park is situated on a hill so it has a nice view of the rest of Masterson Station park.  It also doesn't seem to get too muddy which is great for owners of dogs who like to eat or roll in the mud.  The only downside to this park is that often there is a lack of dogs, maybe its just because it was winter but we went here twice and only saw one dog.  The third time we went the weather was nicer and there were probably about 10 dogs.  We have since been there a couple more times and there have been at least 10 dogs for Angel to play with!

Nice trees and nice grass
We like this park for the views/setting and the lack of mud, sadly it is on the opposite side of town from us so it isn't our go-to park.  But for anyone on the North/East side of town or if you willing to drive a bit further definitely check out this place!

I guess it might've been a little cold, RoB doesn't usually wear pants and a hoodie.

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  1. Dog parks are so much fun! Hopefully the parks fill up more once it gets warmer.