Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Book Review - The Black Ice by Michael Connelly

How did I come into possession of this book?
I think I got this book at the amazing free book exchange (oh how I miss you!).  I listened to his book The Scarecrow about a year ago and enjoyed it for a thriller type of book.  I figured this one would make a good airplane/traveling book and when I was flying back and forth from KY with my new job I decided it was one of the perfect books to bring along with me.

What is it about?
This is a somewhat typical thriller/police book.  Actually I'm not sure what I mean by that, but there were some things about it that seemed very typical to me.  A police officer is found dead and it is assumed to be a suicide, however one of the other members of the police force is having a hard time believing that.  He takes on some of the cases that were left and starts uncovering things to help his suspicion that it wasn't a suicide.  The story takes places in LA as well as just over the border in Mexico as he is trying to find all the answers.

What did I think?
I don't think I enjoyed this book as much as the last one I read by him.  The first half I kept wondering where things were going and the book seemed to move slow.  The last half all the way to the end got pretty interesting, but there were still some down moments where I felt like the story slowed or even came to a stop.  You also aren't sure for most of the book who is a good guy and who is a bad guy which is nice for some mystery but I felt like there was a little too much of that and after a while it just got annoying.

Who would I recommend it to?
Before I recommend this book I would first recommend reading The Scarecrow (or possibly one of his other books).  And if you have read that, and liked it, I would recommend reading this one.  I'm also not sure if because I listened to The Scarecrow I liked it more, so maybe try out this book on audio if you can find it.  If this were the first book I read by him I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but since I know he can do better I say give one of his other books a chance first.

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