Friday, August 31, 2012

Football Friday: Cowboy Classic, here we come!

College football season has begun!  It really is one of the best times of the year and I think it's one of the reasons fall makes me so very happy.  I am heading to Dallas tonight (!) to see Michigan play Alabama in the Cowboy Kickoff Classic.  I know it is going to be a great experience, and I wouldn't be shocked if Michigan surprises some of those doubters out there and plays a really great game!

The season started off right last night with S.Car vs Vandy.  I was really pulling for Vandy to win since I really don't think S.Car is worthy of a #9 ranking.  And they did prove that last night needing some help from the officials to win the game.  UCLA beat Rice, which is good, I guess.  I tried so hard to become a UCLA football fan when RoB was in grad school there, but they could never get anything going on offense so to see them put up 49 points on anyone could be a good indication for the future.  I was a bit surprised by how much BYU beat WSU, I hope WSU can pull it together under Mike Leach, but it didn't quite come together last night.  And good old Big Ten team Minnesota beat UNLV in 3OT(!) giving Big Ten teams a 1-0 start to the season, thanks golden gophers!

As for games today, I'm very excited to see Boise State go up against MSU.  Michigan State has some talent, but Boise is always a contender, and I'd take Boise's coach over Dantonio any day.  I think Peterson out coaches Dantonio for the Broncos to win!  I've also recently made some friends who are NC State alums and has made me more interested in their games.  NC State plays Tennessee and I think it should be a good game, Tennessee lost their best receiver and I really know nothing about the ACC so this is kinda a shot in the dark but I'll give the edge to NC State here.

How cool is this?

Then we come to Saturday, oh Fall Saturdays how I've missed you.  Well as you can image most of my attention is focused on the big Michigan game in the evening, but there is a whole day of college football before that!  I'd like to see most of the big ten teams win but some losses I would be ok with (Miami(OH) over OSU, yes please!), however I'm not sure if all can win.  One that I'm worried about is Penn State, they are playing Ohio University and with all the turmoil could be facing an upset from a decent MAC team.  Clemson vs Auburn should be a good game and I'm not sold on Clemson so I could see Auburn winning this one.  An upset I would love to see is Hawaii over USC, yes USC is good, but I don't think they are best in the nation and it would be nice if someone could expose that, and the sooner the better!  Then we have the big one Michigan vs Alabama.  I think Michigan will surprise Alabama with what they show up with.  If Michigan can stop Alabama's run (not an easy task, I know) and force McCarron to throw we have a chance.  Get Denard on the field as much as possible and use our offensive powers and style, something Alabama hasn't recently seen.

Gotta love that Ohio bobcat mascot!

I cannot wait for this game and I know the atmosphere surrounding it will be amazing!  Let's Go Blue, beat Bama!!

Number 16 on the field, number 1 in my heart!

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