Friday, September 7, 2012

Football Friday – Let’s move onto week two! (with a quick look at the fun of week one)

The first weekend could’ve gone a bit better for Michigan.  Not only did we get blown out, but one of our top cornerbacks is out for the season with an ACL tear (What have we done to re-anger the Michigan Secondary Hating God?).  But before the disappointment of the game I had a great time!  We went to college gameday (it was my first time, and it was a blast!), pics below:

Early morning at Gameday!
So excited for football and good friends!
Yes, please!
Of course we had to stay till the end!
We then tailgated and ate for the next 7 hours and finally made our way into the stadium.  Our seats were in the second row form the top and in the corner of the end zone, pretty much the worst seats ever.  Luckily, the stadium was designed very well and we still had a great view of the field and could hear our band!

The field isn't that far away...
yeah band!
And that’s where the fun stopped, so let’s move onto next week!

Let’s start with a couple conference games I’m interested in.  Both of the new teams to the SEC play their first SEC games and I think both have a chance to cause an upset or at least make it a good game.  Texas A&M plays Florida and I think A&M stands a good chance at winning that game.  Missouri takes on Georgia, who I think is over ranked, and I think Missouri will give them a good game, not sure if they can get enough for the win but I would like to see that!

The rest of the games I’m interested in are in the Big Ten.  I would like this to be a week where the big ten goes 12-0.  First, Michigan has to win.  Air Force is always a scary opponent coming in with the triple option offense and a very disciplined team, but I think Michigan can win this and hopefully it will show that Alabama was really that good (and not that we were that bad).  The other teams that might struggle the most to meet this goal are Purdue and Illinois playing Notre Dame and ASU respectively.  Both of those games are winnable but I wouldn’t be surprised if one doesn’t happen.  Penn State plays Virginia which I think is a toss-up and Northwestern plays Vandy (also a toss-up).  So I guess there is a less chance of this happening then I originally thought, but I hope for the best, so Go Blue and Go Big Ten!
Kinda how I feel right now...

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up with us!! College Gameday is such a blast, I skipped class once to do it :-) Come back next week!