Friday, September 14, 2012

Football Friday: Maybe this week the Big Ten won’t embarrass themselves…

So I think I cursed the Big Ten.  I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.  I won’t expect anything out of this conference again all season.  So yeah, the Big Ten has already made a mess of everything and it is only week 2!

This week is a bit lackluster, some conferences are starting their conference games but some, like the Big Ten, aren’t.  One of the early games I’m interested in is Cal vs OSU.  I would love to see Cal come into Columbus and beat OSU, but I doubt that will happen.  From what I’ve seen of Cal football, they are usually disappointing.  At one point Arkansas vs Alabama was suppose to be a good game then Arkansas lost to ULM, I think you can thank John L Smith for that!  Florida vs Tennessee is where gameday is heading, this is a terrible choice of location.  Two average teams that are over ranked just because they are in the SEC, no thanks. 
The do have good colors
Then there is the Michigan game vs the Minutemen of UMass.  This should be easier than Air Force was last week, but if it isn’t, I will be extremely worried about the rest of the season.  I’m interested to see how long they keep Denard in the game and who comes in as his back-up when he is pulled.
There are two night games that I am interested in.  USC vs Stanford should be a good PAC-12 game. I really hope Stanford can put up a good fight (or just win!) and show everyone that USC isn’t that good (and I kinda like Standford, just don't tell all my Cal friends that!).  The other night game is Notre Dame vs MSU.  I have no clue who to root for in this game, but I would like to watch it to see how both teams look against a similar opponent.  I will be surprised if one side takes off with the game, I think it will be a close one and I think ND might just come out on top (and who cares if I jinx them, as long as one team losses, I’m fine with that!).

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