Friday, September 28, 2012

Football Friday – Deciding if this SEC thing is for realz

I strongly dislike the SEC.  Yes, they have had some great teams but as an overall conference I don’t think they are that much better than some of the other AQ conferences and they cheat (see oversigning).  Yet they always seem to get all the media love, and as a big ten fan, I hate that! So, this weekend I will be attending my first SEC conference football game, and I hope to be impressed.

Michigan has a bye this week, which allows me to take a closer look at thing happening elsewhere.  Since I live in Lexington, I’ve decide to take in the UK vs South Carolina game this weekend.  I know UK isn’t exactly a powerhouse of the SEC when it come to football, but they are playing a top 10 team and it is the SEC so it’s suppose to be better than anything else, right?  I will report back with how the atmosphere is different at SEC vs Big Ten and if the football played really is that much better than anywhere else in the country (which I know it won’t be).  Also I will get to see if people really dress better to go to these games, and I may have to step up my game and actually look cute for a football game!
There really aren’t very many good games this week, but Big Ten conference play starts and there are two decent matchups there.  Wisconsin vs Nebraska was suppose to be a battle of two of the best big ten teams last year but Wisconsin ran away with it pretty early, I wouldn’t be surprised if the opposite were to happen this year.  MSU vs OSU is the other big one, I really just want both teams to look bad and have it turn into a giant slop-fest, and then declare them both losers for cheating.  But really this game is a total toss-up, I think it will be close and I can’t even venture a guess as to who might come out on top.
That’s it for this week, I will report back soon with my thoughts on an SEC game vs a Big Ten (and possibly vs a Pac-12) game.  Spoiler alert; I think the Big Ten will come out on top!

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