Monday, October 15, 2012

Football Monday (?) - First BCS rankings and reaction

The BCS sucks, that is my reaction.

I'm only a little upset that Michigan is not in there, I really do think they should be in over Texas at #25 (we have better losses, and our wins are equivalent) but I also understand that if we win our next one or two we will make it in (if at that point we don't make it, I will be angry).  What makes me most angry is that Florida is sitting at #2.  And how favored the SEC is as a conference.  I will admit that Alabama is a very good team, and I think they deserve to be #1, but the rest of the SEC is very overrated.   Florida has a win over LSU who really hasn't proved themselves to be anything, they did beat South Carolina, but I saw South Carolina losing at halftime to Kentucky, the worst team in the SEC.  Aside from Alabama, not one of those teams played a real out of conference game, so why are they favored so much? I have no clue, and this is a good reason to hate the BCS.  There are no Big Ten teams in there at the moment and I blame ohio state for that.  They are not eligible to be ranked (since they got unnecessary benefits and are cheaters) but they are doing all they can to beat-up a weak Big Ten so that none of those teams can be ranked.  Thanks a lot osu, this is why nobody likes you.  At least we only have to put up with the BCS for a couple more years...things have to get better, right? RIGHT?

End rant, thank you for your time. Go Blue!

At least this was nice...45-0

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