Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Great Lexington Dog Park Tour Part 2

See the explanation for this tour and part 1 here.

The next stop on our dog park tour is Jacobson Park.  Jacobson Park is just off of Richmond road on the south east side of town, again this is a dog park inside a much bigger city park.  This park, like most in Lexington, is very green with rolling hills. 

The dog park here is the smallest in Lexington and the only one surrounded by a chain-link fence, all the others have nice horse-farm like fences.  There are two different places you can park, above the dog park or below it (the park itself is on a hill), most people like to park at the top but parking at the bottom will give you a nice short uphill walk once you get into the park. 

The view form the top parking lot

Looking in the fence

We go here quite often because it is the closest to us and there are almost always other dogs there to play with.  I've heard people complain about this park getting too muddy and that it's too small, but it really isn't that bad.  The only downside of it being small is that as a human you don't get as much walking in, its more of a stand around and watch the dogs play type of place. I think the most important part is that Angel almost always enjoys his time here. 

Lower entrance

Happy Angel

Next stop, Wellington Dog Park!
Previously, Masterson Station Dog Park!


  1. I just took my dog to a local dog park for the first time yesterday! I felt so dumb, the whole way there I was thinking "Why did I bring his tennis ball? I can't unleash him". Then I pulled up and saw the fences. Dog parks are awesome!! New convert :)

  2. I used to love taking my girls to the dog park. Now I have to pay to go, so we haven't been since we moved.

    FYI: I just gave you for a Liebster Award.