Monday, October 22, 2012

Football Monday - Wooooooooooooo

So about that football game, oh yeah, I was there!  Here is my recap:

Michigan vs Michigan State 2012, the battle for one of the strangest trophies in college football, the Paul Bunyan Trophy.  Michigan State has beaten us the past 4 years, and we were ready for that to change.  The streets were packed getting to the stadium:
Making the left turn off of Hoover onto Greene
The band came out onto the field sounding and looking impressive as ever, the team then followed under the Go Blue banner:

Then there was some football played, it was quite an interesting game, we never scored a touchdown, and they only scored one.  Things got ugly at times, our offense couldn't move the ball or we'd get in the red zone and couldn't get into the end zone.  Then there was the one long drive our defense gave up, that's when I really started worrying.
Sometime during the first half
Into the second half it was a 1 and 2 point game changing leads every time one team would score.  We couldn't convert with 2 minutes left, I thought we were done for.  But wait, we got the ball back with less than a minute in good field position, if we could just get 20 more yards we would be in field goal range.  Dileo came up with a HUGE catch to set up Gibbons for a 38 yard field goal.  I couldn't watch, but then I heard it, the crowd went nuts, I was shaking so hard all my next pictures were blurry! 
Blurry crowd as we took the lead with 5 second left

OMG he just made that kick!!!
Michigan State tried to get fancy on the kickoff return but we shut that down to secure the win!  It was then announced to the crowd that was Michigan's 900th win, the most wins of any division 1 football program, Go Blue!
All of this led to the students, and then some alumni and fans rushing the field.  It was a very classy field rushing, no damage was done, everyone just wanted an excuse to keep celebrating, I mean 900 wins?? that's aMAIZEing!!
Party on the field

Oh yeah, we eventually made our way onto the field too!

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  1. It was crazy how many people were in Ann Arbor last weekend. I had all these plans for A2 last weekend, but when I tried parking Friday and everywhere was full, I decided to steer clear! Not a football watcher, but I'm glad they won! I did wear my U of M hoodie for support as I locked myself away in my house for protection from the crowds.