Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sonoma + Pupperz!

A couple weekends ago the BF and I went to Sonoma (yes, again).  He gives a pretty good rundown of our trip here.  One of the big differences in this trip was that we brought the dog with us! He is a great car dog but can be quite a handful when interacting with other people.  One downside was that we had to find a place to stay that allowed dogs and we were trying to stay on the cheaper side so we ended up at a Travelodge, which was pretty much as expected, bare bones but clean enough and only charged a $10 dog fee.

The main purpose of our trip was to pick up wine from our wine club, Hook and Ladder!  They had a pick-up party which included tasting any of their wine they had open, food, and a fun party atmosphere.  They had some good snacks and great wine (as always).  We walked away with 8 bottles and spent under $100, and even though we were pretty late for the party we still felt very welcome while we were there.

Since we had Angel with us there was a dog winery I had heard about and wanted to check out.  I couldn't remember the name and when I googled "dog wineries in sonoma" about 50 different wineries came up!  Apparently you can take your dog to many tasting rooms, but we just went to the one I had previously heard about, Mutt Lynch.  It was small but very dog friendly (they had a bed for Angel) and they support many dog organizations.  Their wine was better than expected, reasonably priced, and cutely named (Merlot Over and Play Dead).  They also shared their warehouse with another winery, Deux Amis, so we walked over two steps to try their wine, too.
Princess and his Daddy
The last dog friendly thing we did was check out a nice dog park near the city of Glen Ellen.  It was part of the Sonoma Valley Regional Park, called the Elizabeth Perrone dog park.  Sadly, there weren't many dogs there but it was a nice sized park with benches and grass for Angel to run and play.  It was also close to a few other wineries we tried, check out the bf's post for that info.

This is a picture of my breakfast in Healdsberg, I just forgot to mention it anywhere in this post, oops!

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