Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Waterfall? In Berkeley?

My work is doing a "build a better you" challenge and employees are encouraged to form teams of 5-10 members and compete in any of three categories: weight loss, pedometer steps, and minutes of exercise.  The team I joined is a very active team and set minimum requirements and if you don't meet them you have to buy the team pizza!  This has led to many weekend activities that involve being, well, active!  One weekend we hiked to the only waterfall in Berkeley.  It is very much an urban hike since its in a neighborhood.  One of our team members lives in the Berkeley Hills so we started at her house and walked from there. 

A little teaser
The waterfall is technically on private property, but the owners allow people to walk to the waterfall as long as they are courteous and responsible.  We went through a random unmarked gate, on the side of a trail, in the back of a park to get there.  We first saw little waterfalls/streams, and thought that was it, but luckily it wasn't.  When we reached the waterfall we were pleasantly surprised, it was a pretty little waterfall and so cool to just be naturally occurring in some one's backyard.  It's now on my list of things I want in my dream home/yard!
The BF being a fool

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