Thursday, February 17, 2011

Napa Part 1: Downtown Accommodations and Food

We spent the last weekend in Napa for a Valentine's/Birthday for the bf extravaganza!  There is so much to talk about so I'll split it up into a three different sections, accommodations and food, wine, and our adventure on the second day.  We decided to try downtown Napa for a change, I had read a good article in Via magazine about it and heard other good things.  We like the idea that you can walk to a bunch of tasting rooms and not have to worry about driving.

I made the decision to stay at a Bed and Breakfast since it seemed like there were many available and I've always liked the idea.  We stayed at the Old World Inn, which was wonderful.  There are two locations so of course we went to the wrong one first, luckily the correct one was only about a block away.  The Innkeeper gave us a quick tour of the place, there was always coffee out (pre-measured french press!) and they had fresh cookies at 3:30, wine and appetizers at 5:30, and chocolates after 9!  We then were shown to our room which was super cute, although it was probably the smallest room there it was enough room for us and very cozy.  We had a fireplace and a small patio! This card was waiting for us on the bed:

We got ourselves settled in and headed out for a day of wine tasting (more on that later). 

Sometime in the afternoon we realized it was probably a good idea to have something to eat and I wanted to check out Oxbow.  It was very fun inside and we had some great, unique, tacos at Casa.  I had grilled garlic citrus prawns with corn relish, shaved cabbage salad, avocado crema, garlic aioli and cilantro.  The bf had skirt steak with grilled onions, blue cheese, avocado, jalapeños, garlic aioli, cilantro & salsa picante.

I felt like I wanted to spend more time there but we were on a schedule for wine tasting so we headed out.  At one of our final wine stops we decided to get a cheese plate, it was a very good decision.

We loved the middle cheese so much I took a picture of the name on the menu and asked where we could buy it, luckily we could buy it at Oxbow, and planned to do that the next day!

After all the wine we headed back to our b&b for their wine tasting and to get ready for dinner.  We never made it to dinner, I blame the super comfortable bed but the bf blamed all the wine we (or I) had.  Not too big of a deal missing dinner though, because we knew there was a big breakfast in store for us the next morning. 

Breakfast was great, maybe a little too sweet for some but still great.  It started with fresh fruit and orange juice, then the main course was caramel french toast, yummy.

I would've loved something a little more savory to complement it like some nice crunchy bacon, but still enjoyed it quite a bit!  At this point we said goodbye to our awesome b&b and headed out on our Day 2 adventure, more on that later as well!

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