Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Next to Normal

Last week I went to see Next to Normal in SF.  It was an amazing show! 

Alice Ripley won the Tony for Best Actress in this part and she was staring in the tour.  Love or hate her voice, she is perfect for the part.  I knew the music and the basic idea of the story, but seeing it live made it all come together and made it an even more moving show.  The set, lighting, and music were really great.  The actors were all very talented, but the one character I really wanted to like was probably my least favorite.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I didn’t love Gabe as much as I though I would.  At first I thought I didn’t like the actor (mostly because I LOVE the original actor, Aaron Tveit) but I later reconsidered that maybe I just wasn’t crazy about that character.  Here’s their performance from the 2009 Tonys:

After being blown away by this show, I’m a little surprised it didn’t win best musical in 2009.  Billy Elliott won best musical that year and I will be seeing it this summer, in my mind it has a lot to live up to, to convince me that it was the best musical that year.

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