Thursday, September 29, 2011

30 by 30: Part 1

I've seen this started on other blogs and I was the one who gave Rob the idea for it.  I thought that it was time to start my own!  (Actually I've had ideas for quite a while which means I've already accomplished one of them...) All of this needs to be completed by Dec 21, 2014 (balls, that sounds not as far away as I want it to).  I'm very open to suggestions, so please leave some in the comments!  Here are my first eight:

1. Own some sort of property

2. Work as something other than a control systems engineer

3. Go watch Michigan play in a bowl game as a fan

4. Take Rob to a foreign country

5. Take Rob camping (Done!)

6. Enter a dog agility competition

7. Nordic ski to the Glacier Point hut in Yosemite

8. Learn a new flute piece (I haven't learned a full one since high school)

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