Saturday, September 17, 2011

Football Friday: The correct way to use a cowbell

I watched the LSU vs Mississippi State game last night, and it was quite the defensive struggle for a while, but eventually LSU pulled through and I really think they just wore out the Miss State defense.  But the worst part of the game was those damn cowbells.  Lots of people complained about the vuvuzelas during the world cup in South Africa, but I think these are worse.  It's one of those background noises that just sounds like a swarm of bugs, very annoying.

A much better use of a cowbell would be one person beat out a rhythm with a drumstick and everyone around them cheering something catchy like "Go Blue".  This is much less annoying and makes for a unified cheer instead of just background noise.  But I might be just a little biased :)
(I tried to look up you tube videos of both these situations but it was hard to find anything, I guess you have to go to the games and judge for yourself!)

Anyway, this weekend my Wolverines take on the Eagles of Eastern Michigan University.  This game is usually a walk over for us, but there are a few things different this year.  They come into this game 2-0, I can't remember the last time this happened.  And they have Mike Hart as an assistant coach of some sort (hopefully they are just grooming him so he can take over the running backs position coach at Michigan in a few years!).
I <3 Hart
Another interesting game is obviously Oklahoma vs Florida State (fsu).  I'm still not convinced that fsu is for real, I think Oklahoma will beat them.  The other game to keep an eye on it ohio state (osu) vs miami.  I hate osu, but they are part of the big ten which I always try to root for so I'm kinda stuck.  Miami already lost a game so it'd be great to see them beat osu.  But I's also like he big ten to look good, for once, so a road win would be nice.  I can't decide who I want to see lose! And lastly, michigan state (msu) vs notre dame (nd), I'm also torn on this one.  I think nd is better this year, but they are still over rated so I think I'd like to see them lose (again!).  Lots of people root against MSU (they are a hated rival) but I don't see many msu fans around here (they usually don't make it vary far out of Michigan) so I don't have to deal with their fans.  I'll take Oklahoma, Miami, and msu.

Check out my earlier post for some great game day fashions (haha, fashion, from me!).

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