Friday, September 9, 2011

Football Friday*: Under the Lights!

Its Michigan vs Notre Dame this Saturday, YES!

I know, I know, neither team is ranked so whats the big deal...well, it must be a big deal because ESPN Gameday will be in Ann Arbor tomorrow!  It is also the first night game ever in Michigan Stadium (which I guess means the first night time kick-off, because there was that triple overtime against msu a few years ago that went well into the night!).  I'm not a fan of the "throwback" uniforms we will be wearing, but if that's the worst thing all night, I'll be happy!

I have mixed feelings every year about this game.  I'm always very excited, but also very nervous.  Its so early in the season you never really know what to expect.  I do not, however, agree with Lou Hotlz when he always says this game will make or break your season. Maybe thats true for notre dame because they don't play a real conference schedule, but I don't think a win would send us to the national championship game and I don't think a loss will cause us to implode forthe rest of the season.

I also have mixed memories about games in this rivalry in the past. My first ever Michigan vs nd game was in '03 and it was a total blowout (38-0, M) and all I could think was why were we so scared of these guys and why were they ranked?  Ever since then I've always felt the were overrated...always (even when we lost to them, I still felt like they were overrated).  Some of my best memories are from '06 and '09.   In '06 Henne and Manningham lit up the field and our defense came out hitting hard and destroyed (then Heisman hopeful) Brady Quinn.  I loved the Sports Monday headline "Heisman-handled".  Also when Mannigham ended up in the band I got to give him a congratulatory pat on the shoulder!  In '09 I was returning to Ann Arbor as an alum and our team had just come off a terrible season and was looking for any glimmer of hope.  We seemed to have found it for at least that one game in freshman QB Tate Forcier and it ended up being a nail biter, come from behind victory!
A familiar sight in '06, I miss this defense :(

From '09, I was there, cheering my head off!
 I think it will be good and close this year but sadly I won't be able to watch it live (so no texting or calling me!), since we have yet another wedding to go to. PLEASE no more weddings on Saturdays in the Fall, if you are my friend you will understand and WON'T plan your wedding for a Michigan Football Saturday, right? right!  Ok, rant over, unless I get another wedding invite....

I'm not sure there are any other exciting games this weekend, I guess Bama at Penn State might be good, I'd love to see an upset there. The Auburn vs Miss st game should be good, but I can't see Auburn beating them. Or maybe the in state rivalry in Iowa? I'm a little curious about the Oregon vs Nevada game, but that could quickly turn into a rout...or maybe not (as much as I enjoy watching Oregon, I feel a slight tie to Nevada since it's so close to where I grew up!).

Anyway, GO BLUE beat the Irish!

I couldn't resist!
*I think this will be a new thing for me every Friday, thoughts?

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