Friday, September 23, 2011

Football Friday: I won't be watching any games.

The reason I won't be watching any games is because I will be camping all weekend at Point Reyes in Northern California.  As much as I tried to convince Rob we should head out there after at least the morning Saturday games (So I could watch Michigan), he said no, we have reservations starting Friday night.  So then I tried to look into a nearby sports bar (I could just sneak away for the morning), but it is really hard to find a sports bar in the Bay Area if you are outside of San Francisco so no luck there.  I have given up and decided to accept the fact that I will miss college football this weekend.  The only consolation is that I will be enjoying the outdoors all weekend at a National Park, Point Reyes!

I can taste the oysters now!

All that doesn't mean I can't discuss this weekends games, though.  It'll be short roundup of things I would look forward to if I were watching the games.  There are only a handful of "big" games and they are all teams in the south-ish.  I'm kinda sick of all these southern teams and I'm ready for some real Big Ten games!

First up is Florida State (FSU) vs Clemson.  Clemson did a good job last week with Auburn, but Auburn wasn't going to be great this season anyway.  FSU did a decent job in their loss to Oaklahoma, but I'm still not sure if they will be "back" this season. Then we have Oaklahoma state vs Texas A&M, I think both of these teams are over rated, but Texas A&M a little more so. Last is Askansas vs Bama, I don't really like either of these teams.  Can you tell that I really don't care about these games? Maybe it is a good thing I'm going camping...

One thing I would like to see is from the Big Ten, 10 of our teams are playing this week and we have a good chance to go 10-0 on the weekend.  It won't take any crazy upsets, just all 10 teams playing solid football.  Michigan probably has one of the tougher games, against San Diego State (SDSU).  SDSU has an experienced quarterback who is a great passer, and Michigan's secondary is not great.  Michigan also stole their coach, Brady Hoke, last year and he apparently gave his former players the news via mass text message.  I would be out for some revenge if I were them, so I hope Michigan is ready!  Maybe Denard's passes will start working better for him this week, or maybe he'll just run run run...

Still think the logo is stupid...but love the conference.

Enjoy all the games.  I'll be hiking, tide pooling, camping, devouring oysters, and trying not to think about the football games I'm missing (that shouldn't be too hard).  Big Ten conference play starts next week and I will be IN MICHIGAN, YAY!

I'll be here, be jealous!

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