Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Best Season is Finally Here!

Its almost fall, and that means its COLLEGE FOOTBALL season (aka the best season)!!! It's been a long wait but its finally here, the first college football game is on tonight, and my beloved Wolverines play on Saturday!
I have a strange history with the sport of football.  Growing up I was very athletic and played lots of sports but had zero respect for football, maybe because I thought it was stupid that only americans play it.  It also didn't help that our high school football team was god awful and they seemed to get all the money, when our soccer teams were consistently making it to state championships (I might have some pent up bitterness).  Every now and then I had to play in the pep band for those football games, this was also pretty terrible.  We didn't have a marching band so sometimes our director would throw together a random assortment of students from the jazz bands which resulted in poor instrumentation.  And we played really crappy music, our high school didn't have (doesn't have?) a fight song so when we scored a touchdown (which was rare) we played the "Hey Song", which is awful.  All this resulted in me using the common phrase "Football is Stupid", ask anyone in my family, I said it all the time, I truly hated the sport.

Then came college, everyone told me that i would have to like football because I was going to school in the Midwest.  And I felt like that would be ok, I've always loved big sporting events but to me football was never that.  I had also made the decision to play in the marching band which obviously revolves around football, this I was also ok with, maybe I was turning over a new leaf.  I was even excited for my first football game in the Big House. 
Yup, that's me, second in line
Then, BAM, I loved all of it!  I soon became Michigan  football obsessed, over the next year this turned into an obsession with college football as a whole.  Now, my Saturdays are run by football I want to watch games all day and eat/drink/tailgate.  I read a ridiculous amount of blogs about Michigan and college football, I really can't get enough.
Pure love
That brings me to this weekend the start of this amazing, amazing time.  The most important game being, of course, Michigan vs WMU (GO BLUE!).  Other games I've very interested in are LSU vs Oregon (I'm taking Oregon in this one), Boise vs Georgia (going with Boise).  A few upsets that I'd love to see are Minnesota over USC (go big ten!) and south florida over notre dame (who doesn't love watching notre dame lose?).  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this time of the year?

I hope to see some of this!

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