Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yummy yummy yummy!

On Thursday I was reading the recent post from the blog poppytalk and they had what they called a simple peach tart.  Now, I'm not the best person in the world when it comes to cook or baking (the dp does most of it, like this amazing dinner) but I'm pretty good a following directions/recipes.  I bought a tart pan a few months ago in hopes of making this strawberry tart, but it looked a little time consuming and took some planning and I just never tried hard enough to make it work.  So, when I saw this peach tart recipe I thought ok, I'll try it!

There is a farmer's market next to my work on Fridays so I knew I could get some fresh peaches (and super cheap, too).  Besides that the recipe called for pretty standard ingredients that I knew we had.  I followed the recipe closely, only adding an extra tablespoon of butter.  The most time consuming part was cutting the peaches (and mine had gotten squished on the bike ride home, so I had to cut off the bad parts).
My dog, Angel, loves peaches more than anything else, he was sad he only got a little piece.

After that mixing the dough was easy, no mixer or food processor needed.  Then just throwing everything in, putting it in the oven and hoping for the best!

The dp was off playing tennis and I was hoping to have this delicious dessert ready when he got home (I've tried to do things like this before but the food usually flops).  Of course the first thing he said when he walked in was that the crust smelled like it was overdone and that I should take it out.  After taking it out it looked a little soupy so we let it sit for a minute.  It was still very soupy when we cut into it. We each got a slice and realized how wonderful it was, I was so proud of myself!

The dp thinks its thed  best thing I've ever cooked and said that I should make it every week until peaches are out of season!  When I went into the kitchen to put it away I noticed half of it was gone, apparently he had been sneaky in the kitchen and finishing off the first half, I guess he liked it!

Where'd the first half go?

Anyway, super good, highly recommend, very easy!  You should go make it before peaches go out of season!

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