Thursday, July 14, 2011

1% of My Day

I had a great 7th grade English teacher, Ms. Fouts, who told us that everyday we should spend at least 1% of our day reading.  On the first day of class she derived for us that 14.4 minutes is 1% of our day.  So everyday in her class we read for at least 14.4 minutes.  Since then I've always tried to keep that mentality, and I've tried to devote at least 1% of my day to reading.

Now I'm going to try and use another 1% of everyday to write, here, on my blog.  I'm also going to try to blog at about the same time everyday and avoid blogging from work (this will be really hard for me).  I think if I just come up with a topic for the day and write about that instead of trying to remember everything I've done lately that I want to share.  And only writing for 14.4 (ok I'm rounding up to 15) minutes should keep things short and sweet!

I was also inspired because my sister mentioned something similar on her blog.  She is a photographer, but also a great writer (much better than me) and recently decided she was going to write more on her blog, instead of just posting pictures.  And then there is always the bf's blog that I'm trying to keep up with...

This should be an interesting experiment!

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