Friday, July 15, 2011

World Cup Fever!

Women's World Cup that is...

For those of you who continue to ignore women's soccer, you are missing out! First, you should read this.
Yes, those are on my wall...I am obsessed!
Team USA has made it to the finals for the first time since they won it all in 1999.  I remember that world cup very well since I attended some of the games.  I was lucky enough to see the USA play in a semi-final against Brazil and it was one of the most amazing live sporting events I had ever been to.  USA won that game en route to an epic final against China.  I remember having a family reunion the day of the final so we taped it (yes, on VHS) and didn't turn on the radio or look at any billboards the whole way back to my grandparent's house.  The first half hour of the game was cut off because of some car race (really, espn?) but luckily we picked up in the 30th minute.  The game went to penalty kicks and USA won 5-4.  It was a thrilling finish to a beautiful match that I enjoyed watching with my family!

Back to World Cup 2011, team USA has had quite a journey to the finals.  The quarter final match with Brazil was AMAZING!  Wambach's header in the 122 minute was perfect and at that point I knew the USA would win in penalty kicks.  Of course Hope Solo had a beautiful save on the third kick and that was enough to send USA to the semis.  The Semi-final game against France was a really great game to watch, both teams played really well.  With some great defending from the US and some quick breaks for our offense we were able to pull ahead (with a Wambach header, of course) and ensure the win with a goal from Morgan.

Now to Sunday where USA will face a great Japanese team.  It should be another great game and a great showcase for women's soccer.  Women's soccer has come a long way and it is a fun game to watch.  You don't get the individual skill like in the men's game but you do get great team play and even better sportsmanship.  I encourage everyone to watch the game and cheer for you home team.

We will be watching the game on a big screen in civic center plaza, outside of city hall in San Francisco. Please join us, if you are interested!  USA USA USA!

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