Friday, July 22, 2011


I just realized I missed another day...darn late night rehearsals (yes ending after 10pm is late)!

So yesterday I decided to reach out to a couple of people I haven't been in contact with in a very long time. One of them was easy enough because I'm friends with her on facebook, I'm just not sure if she remembers who I am (our Moms were best friends back in the day).  She writes an amazing food blog, that I've been following for a while so I thought it was time to actually email her and tell her how much I enjoy her blog.  Still waiting to hear back from her, but I'm sure I will.

The other person I wanted to try in get in touch with was an old friend from a music summer camp I went to 9 years ago, we were very close for the 4 weeks we spent there.  I didn't really have any other information on her except her name and that I knew she was a violin/piano player.  After not finding any info on her,  I realized that she probably got married and has a new last name.  Almost giving up, I finally found something with her old last name and what I guessed could've been her new last name.  Searching with her potential new last name I found out she has a blog and did a quick look around realizing it was her and decided to send her an email.  I knew this was all kinda a long shot, but within a few hours she had written back to me and we are currently trying to catch each other up on our lives over the past 9 years.

I think maybe this will be a new thing for me...trying to reconnect with people who I've lost touch with that were really important to me...I think this is a good way to fulfill one of my goals of being happier!

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  1. Hi Annie! I had no idea you were a follower of my blog (I saw you linked to my blog, which is how I found you)! I never got an e-mail (weird!) but I would love to catch up! The email I use most is to speak to you soon!