Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am super cool

So this happened today on gchat:

the bf: c ya at hip hop
me: werd

(then he logged off and left work)

For some reason I looked at this multiple times and every time it made me laugh.  Not sure if its because it's pretty funny to watch me hip hop dance, or if its cause I'm trying to be cool just cause hip hop is mentioned. Ok, yes, I am taking a hip hop class.  It's at a gym so its only meant to give you a workout, which is great because that means no one is judging how ridiculous I look!

OK, I agree this post was pretty lame, but I didn't have much to draw from today.  It was this or me ranting about the white trash people on bart coming from the giant's game. I hate it so much when fans of teams I like represent themselves poorly, they don't deserve to be Giant's fans.  But that's all I got for today, maybe something better will come tomorrow!

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