Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cafe Gabriela in Oakland is amazing

The title says it all.  It is my favorite coffee shop in downtown Oakland, actually, all of Oakland.  It's been open for just over a year and I've happily been a patron since the first week they opened.  I was always switching coffee places looking fora place I really liked until this place opened.  Now, if I need coffee it is very rare I'll go anywhere besides Cafe Gabriela.
Some of the things that make it so great:
The owner, Penny, is very personable and really makes an effort to reach out to all of us "regulars".
They serve Blue Bottle coffee.
They also serve kick-ass sandwiches (as their sign clearly says!).
It's small and local and less than a block from my work.

I'm not sure if its all just a great combination or if there are other things that really make this place so wonderful.  It has recently got much busier and I couldn't be happier, I hope this place is around for many years to come.  If you are ever in downtown Oakland and need a place to get coffee head to Cafe Gabriela (Broadway and 10th) and you won't be let down!

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